When You Get the Call…

At this point, it’s inevitable…

Sure as the sun is gonna rise…

You are gonna get the call…

If you work with me in any way, shape or form… it’s coming!

If I reviewed your transcripts… it’s coming! If I introduced you to a college coach… it’s coming! If you put a team in the Black Cager Fall Classic… it’s coming!

If your team played in the Battle for the Bell… it’s coming!

Trust me… it’s coming!


How do I know?

Over 20 people, including someone tonight (11/21/2017) have called me and asked me why…

“What’s up with him? Why is he calling me and asking me NOT to do business with you? Why is he asking me NOT to put a team in your event? Why is he telling me you are a bad guy?”

I NEVER know what to say when I get these calls… Each time I am at once surprised and impressed…

I’m surprised because I NEVER had crossed words with HIM… EVER… For years, I would do anything he asked…

“Can you speak at my event?”

“Sure… what day, what time?”

“Can you record a promo for my events?”

“No problem… I’ll stop by your crib on my way home…”

I would attend most of HIS events… Pay at the door and watch the games… You know, SUPPORT his shit!

I am impressed by his stamina! This guy is relentless… He doesn’t let up… He just keeps calling… He just keeps smearing…

Initially, it took me by surprise when I started getting the calls… We have so many friends in common… I never imagined he would wage a smear campaign…

Why would he? I always supported him… FOR YEARS!

But it’s been relentless… Like I said, I got another call tonight…

“What up with him? I told him I never had any issues with you… I told him you helped kids in my program…”

“He said I should stay away from you… what’s wrong with him?”

I told my friend, I NEVER did anything to HIM… NOTHING! EVER…

I told my friend… I still consider HIM my friend… One day he will see that I am NOT his enemy…

Indeed, I wish him the very best…

When you get the call… and you will get the call…

Just tell him Del said, “He wishes you much success!”

Just tell him Del said, “He hopes your daughter is well!”

Just tell him Del said, “He hopes your health is good!”

Just tell him Del said, “He’ll see you at your next event!”


Do unto others as you would have them do to you” Luke 6:13



Philadelphia Black Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2017

Philadelphia, PA (November 17, 2017) – The inductees for enshrinement into the Philadelphia Black Basketball Hall of Fame in 2017 are:


Earl Monroe

Pre 1970s
Earl Monroe, (Bartram/Winston-Salem/NBA)
Wayne Hightower, (Overbrook/Kansas/NBA)
Bobby Lewis (Bartram/South Carolina State/ABA)
Cliff Anderson (Edison/St. Joseph’s/NBA)
Mike Bantom (Roman Catholic/St. Joseph’s/NBA)


Gene Banks


Chubby Cox, (Roxborough/Villanova/USF/NBA)
Clarence Tillman (West Philadelphia/Kentucky/Rutgers)
Gene Banks (West Philadelphia/Duke/NBA)
Michael Brooks (West Catholic/La Salle/NBA)
Lewis Lloyd (Overbrook/Drake/NBA)


Lionel Simmons

Lionel Simmons (Southern/La Salle/NBA)
Hank Gathers (Dobbins/USC/Loyola-Maymount)
Rico Washington (Ben Franklin/Weber State)
Dawn Staley (Dobbins/Virginia/WNBA/Olympics)
Linda Page (Dobbins/NC State)


Rasheed Wallace (l) and Coach Bill Ellerbee (r)

Rasheed Wallace (Gratz/North Carolina/NBA)
Rab Townes (Southern/La Salle/Overseas)
Donnie Carr (Roman Catholic/La Salle/Overseas)
Lari Ketner Roman Catholic/ UMass/NBA)
Rashid Bey (Neumann/St. Joseph’s/Overseas)


Eddie Griffin

Eddie Griffin (Roman Catholic/Seton Hall/NBA)
Maureece Rice (Strawberry Mansion/George Washington/D-League)
Sean Singletary (Penn Charter/Virginia/NBA)
Kyle Lowry (Cardinal Dougherty/Villanova/NBA)
Jeff Jones (Bonner/Virginia


Mr. and Mrs. Rahim Thompson

Claude Gross Community Service Award
Rahim Thompson, Founder & Commissioner, Chosen League


Friend of the Black Basketball HOF
Joe Crawford (O’Hara/NBA Referee)

To be eligible for nomination, a player or coach must have played in the Philadelphia Public League, Catholic League, Inter-Ac League or Friends League in high school. Five (5) players are inducted annually from each of the following periods pre-1970s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.

Factors such as a player’s influence on other Philadelphia players, length and depth of playing career and the body of work, innovation and national recognition are taken into consideration.

The Philadelphia Black Basketball Hall of Fame 2017 Inductions will be held at HERO Community Center in Philadelphia on December 26, 2017. Details and ticket on-sale information will also be announced later. All Inductees will ultimately represented in the Philadelphia Black Basketball Hall of Fame At the FiDonce Player Development Center.
Bios and images of the 2017 Black Basketball Hall of Fame Inductees will be available at http://www.blackcagersports.com. Media credential applications will be available in November 20, 2017 via the Hall of Fame’s online pressroom at http://www.blackcagersports.com.


Lewis lloyd, NBA Finals


Full Court Press on ALS: VIP Reception Recap

WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 25, 2017) – On Sunday, September 24, 2017 supporters of Full Court Press on ALS gathered for a VIP Reception to raise awareness and spell out the non-profit’s annual plans at The Park at 14th in Washington D.C. More than two hundred fifty prominent basketball coaches, philanthropists and humanitarians came out for an incredible evening that celebrated the transformational work and the ambitious agenda of Full Court Press on ALS.

We had fun. We raised funds. And we felt incredibly inspired to help move the bar closer to finding a cure for a disease that does not receive a lot of attention due to the limited number of people affected by it. Full Court Press on ALS is committed to closing the gap in funding for medical research and raising awareness. Through educational seminars and collegiate basketball games, Full Court Press on ALS seeks to raise funds to assist in finding a cure for this debilitating disease.


Howard Coach, Kevin Nickelberry, MD Eastern-Shore Coach, Bobby Collins & Full Court Press on ALS Co-Founder Michael Hornets

Thank you to everyone who joined us and supported us! Prominent guests such as University of Pennsylvania Head Coach, Steve Donahue, La Salle University Head Coach, John Giannini and Howard University Head Coach, Kevin Nickelberry enjoyed a delicious dinner in a beautiful space, had good conversations with friends old and new, and felt renewed excitement and hope throughout the evening program.
It was a very special night, as Full Court Press on ALS celebrated a formal partnership with the Ivy League and spelled out ambitious goals for the 2017-2018 basketball season. We were inspired by our Board Chair, Marco Morcos, Coach Donahue, FOX News critic Jesse Waters and other speakers. All were provided extraordinary examples of leadership, determination and success.


Pennsylvania Coach Steve Donahue (L) and Fox News critic Jesse Waters (R)

The VIP reception was one of our most important events to-date, bringing together a distinguished group of coaches in the nation’s capital. The gathering reaffirmed the commitment among participants to to help major ALS research and medical organizations have an annual revenue stream for research and experimental treatment trials.

Every dollar raised through collegiate basketball games produces ripple effects in the fight to find a cure. Because of the efforts of these coaches, doctors and graduate students will be to conduct innovative research, conduct treatment trials and contribute to our understanding of this horrific disease. Until a cure is found, we will relentlessly deploy a FULL COURT PRESS ON ALS!


Marco Morcos, CEO & Co-Founder, Full Court Press on ALS

About Full Court Press on ALS: Full Court Press on ALS was founded with the goal of finding a cure for a disease that does not receive a lot of attention due to the limited number of people affected by it. This leaves medical and research establishments relying heavily on private funding.Full Court Press on ALS was started to provide funding assistance to major medical organizations and to raise awareness about the disease. Through educational seminars and collegiate basketball games, Full Court Press on ALS seeks to raise funds that will help to find a cure for this crippling disease.

Marco Morcos, CEO & Co-Founder


Inaugural Full Court Press on ALS All-American Game set for August 2018 in Washington, D.C.


October 7, 2017 – Vorhees, NJ – Marco Morcos, Executive Director/Co-Founder, Full Court Press on ALS, 501(c)(3), announced the formation of the “Full Court Press on ALS, All-American Game.” The game will feature twenty-four of the nation’s finest high school basketball players. Delgreco K. Wilson, Founder/Publisher, Black Cager Sports Media has been brought on as the Director of High School Events for Full Court Press for ALS.

Marcos, Nickelberry Delgreco

(L-R) Marco Morcos, Co-Founder, Kevin Nickelberry, Howard University Head Coach,    Delgreco K. Wilson, Director of HS Events, (seated) Michael Honrychs, Co-Founder


Wilson noted, “The Full Court Press on ALS, All-American Game will provide an opportunity for us to greatly increase awareness about this debilitating disease. Also, I’m a firm believer in exposing young people to opportunities to do great things. Over the years, many of these great high school players will become ambassadors for this worthy cause and carry the baton further than any of us can imagine.”

“We are only here for a short time. We should all make a fundamental effort to leave this world better than when we first encountered it!”

Michael Honrychs, Co-Founder, Full Court Press on ALS



Full Court Press on ALS-page-0

Full Court Press on ALS-page-1

Cal and Mike-page-0.jpg

Kentucky Coach, John Calipari & Michael Honrychs, Co-Founder, Full Court Press on ALS


Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or ALS, is a nervous system (neurological) disease that causes muscle weakness and impactsphysical function.ALS is often called Lou Gehrig’s disease, named after the famous baseball player who wasdiagnosed with it. ALS is a type of motor neuron disease that causes nerve cells togradually break down and die. In the United States, ALS is sometimes called “motorneuron disease.” In most cases, doctors do not know why ALS occurs. A small numberof cases are perhaps inherited.ALS often begins with muscle twitching and weakness in an arm or leg, or sometimeswith slurring of speech. Eventually, ALS can affect your ability to control the musclesyou need to move, speak, eat, and breathe. ALS cannot be cured, and it eventually leads todeath, typically within two to five years of diagnosis.

*Sourced from Mayo Clinic Report