Return of the “Live Period”

In June, for the first time in 16 months or so, Division 1 college coaches will conduct live evaluations of high school prospects. Over the past 1.25 years, Division 1 college basketball recruiting has been completely transformed.

We are about to experience a small bit of normalcy.

Coaches have not been able to evaluate players in person. Zero live evaluations… None at all…

As a result, some kids have grown significantly since the last time coaches saw them. Others have greatly improved in one area or another. Still others, have come onto the landscape very recently.

One thing for sure, college coaches know next to nothing about these kids. They haven’t been able to watch them play. Compounding the problem, coaches were not able to host kids for unofficial or official visits.

Sixteen (16) months… Dead Period! They don’t know a lot of these kids.

A typical college basketball recruiting process over the past 16 months consisted of a zoom call or 2 accompanied by 40-50 phone calls/texts/DMs with current college players in the transfer portal.

That’s it… That’s all… A few programs dibbled and dabbled with high school recruiting, but the focus overall shifted to the transfer portal.

In June, good old-fashioned – eyeball on the kids – college basketball returns. Coaches will be standing, hopefully 6 feet apart, at NCAA sanctioned Scholastic/High School events across the nation on the following dates:

June 18-20

June 25-27

In 2019, Philly Live organized by Imhotep Head Coach, Andre Noble and Archbishop Wood’s, John Mosco was the best High School Live Period event in the nation. Over 200 D1 college coaches were in attendance for every session. A plethora of offers were extended, with some kids receiving more than 10 during the period.

It’s the most important recruiting period for high school kids looking to grab a D1 scholarship. What is the top programs program doing to prepare? Will the “new” teams be cohesive? Will freshmen and sophomores be ready to step in? Are the juniors and seniors ready to lead? How do the best programs stack up against the other top programs in the mid-Atlantic region.

The Black Cager High School Live period “Warm UP” allows HS coaches to prepare for NCAA HS Live Period. The Warm Up takes place on the following dates:

Thursday, June 10

Tuesday, June 15

Black Cager stives to provide high school coaches with structured, competitive games. We facilitate evaluation of players and overall preparation for the NCAA HS Live Period.

That’s just a fraction of the HS Live Period Warm Up mission.

More than anything else, the Warm Up is an introduction of some of the best young players in the region.

Some of the Mid-Atlantic Region’s top-ranked high school basketball teams will come to Charger Nation for a dynamic, Scholastic Pre-Live Period event June 10 and June 15, 2021. Black Cager Sports, a Camden, New Jersey based, sports media outlet, will serve as the event’s title sponsor, and the entire event will be available to college coaches on-demand on both and the Black Cager YouTube Channel.

“We are excited to continue our support of high school basketball student-athletes and their families by sponsoring the Black Cager High School Live Period Warm Up” said Delgreco Wilson, Founder, Black Cager Sports Media. “Previous Black Cager Scholastic events were successful, and we look forward to seeing the best high school basketball teams in the mid-Atlantic compete again in June.”

Part 1 of the Warm Up takes place on Thursday, June 10 and continues with Part 2 on Tuesday, June 15 at Charger Nation Sports Complex in Morrisville, PA.

Scheduled with Division 1 coaches in mind, The Warm Up features some of the best teams and players in the mid-Atlantic region.

As in previous Black Cager Scholastic Events, the Warm Up will feature several of the top-ranked teams in the mid-Atlantic Region, Both Part 1 and Part 2 feature 16 High School teams. Several of the teams are nationally ranked, St. Frances Academy (MD) is a Baltimore Catholic League powerhouse. The Panthers and the George School (PA) will both face Philadelphia Catholic League juggernaut Archbishop Wood (PA) and Neumann-Goretti (PA).

Black Cager Sports will make video of each game available to the following Division 1 programs:

Black Cager Sports will make video of each game available to the following Division 2 programs:

Limited slots are available for Part 2 on June 15, 2021.