Strange Bedfellows: White Male Supremacists & Black Males Coons

A coon is generally understood to be a Black person who is overly accepting of white discrimination, excessively concerned with pleasing white authority figures and unknowingly suffering from a significant degree of self-hatred. We have witnessed what can best be described as an explosion of “coonish” behavior among Black males expressing support for President Donald Trump and disdain for Senator Kamala Harris following her selection as Joe Biden’s running mate.

Senator Kamala Harris

Many observers, Black and white alike, are befuddled by what seems like such a rapid coon infestation… The mis-education of American youth is to blame for the confusion…

“History is Written by Victors…” This quote, often attributed to Winston Churchill, implies that history is not grounded in facts, rather it’s the winners’ interpretation of them that prevails. The victors force their preffered narrative down on the people. From the moment the United States of America declared independence in 1776, most American history books have described the American political culture as the finest example of government by popular consent with respect for the equal rights of all.

Clearly, American male white supremacists were the “victors.” When writing the history of the United States they consistently failed to give due weight to the deleterious role of white supremacist male ideology and the Slaveholding, Apartheid-like conditions that have shaped the participants and substance of American politics as much as, if not more than, the notion of equality for all.

President Trump fits squarely into the exclusionary, white supremacist male tradition of American politics. In this way, Trump is a true American original. He represents a contemporary manifestation of the inegalitarian ideologies at the core of the founding fathers vision of the great American experiment. They never actually intended to establish “liberty and justice for all.” For over 80% of American history, the overwhelming majority of adults living in United States were legally barred from full American citizenship solely because they were Black, Native American, Latino, Asian or women.

The American story as it has been commonly portrayed in the history books is intentionally deceptive because it is far too narrowly circumscribed. White male victors have focused their analytical lenses on the dynamics of relationships among a distinct minority of the American population. Yes, a relatively small group of wealthy Protestant propertied white male slaveholders treated each other with respect and political egalitarianism prevailed in their relationships with one another.

Fuck everybody else… is the unwritten, yet equally important, part…

The rapid tanning of America, inevitably requires a truer picture… Projected to form a majority of the population in a decade or so, Black and brown young people need a history that more accurately captures America’s political culture and it’s characteristic conflicts. Otherwise, they will continue to struggle in their attempts to understand the rapid ascendancy of a modern American racist/white supremacist and the proliferation of his strange bedfellow the Black male coon.

Insight into these recent dynamics, requires acceptance of the fact that the United States has been shaped to a large extent by the ideology of white male supremacy and the social practices that defined the relationships of white supremacist male elites with subordinate groups.

In a very real sense, it can be asserted that white supremacist males created the Black male coon.

Sixty-six years prior to the Declaration of Independence, the Meritorious Manumission Act of 1710 was enacted in Colonial Virginia.  This law provided for the freeing a slave for “good deeds,” as defined by the national public policy, and could be granted to a slave who saved the life of a White master or his property, invented something from which a slave master could make a profit, or “snitched” on a fellow slave who was planning a slave rebellion or to run away. 

Recognizing the inherent barbarism and inhumane nature of their prevailing social arrangements, racist/white supremacist males formally incentivized “coonish” behaviors. Black males could literally obtain freedom from a lifetime of bondage and forced servitude on a prison labor camp by “saving his master’s life” or condemning other enslaved Blacks to certain death by snitching on rebels.

Throughout history the emergence of coons has resulted from the behavior of individual actors, each of whom is making their individual decisions. These individuals have preferred complicity with their oppressors and financial rewards and improved social status over remaining among the larger oppressed Black community.

In this way, Racist/white males literally manufactured Black sellouts.

The slave rebellions of Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner were thwarted by Black male coons. Every Black social movement since has been infiltrated and negatively impacted by coons. Emmett J. Scott was one of them. An agent at the Bureau of Investigation, Scott posed as a reporter who attended Marcus Garvey’s UNIA meetings and conventions who interviewed Garvey. Walter H. Loving was a retired Army officer and a member of the Military Intelligence Division who sent Black informants to UNIA meetings.

UNIA leader Marcus Garvey

Herbert Simeon Boulin was Jamaican businessman in Harlem who befriended Garvey but was really a Bureau informant. He began giving them gave harmful information such as accusations that Garvey’s movement was anti-white. James Wormley Jones was Black police officer and first Black FBI special agent who went undercover to take Garvey down. His information was the nail in the coffin J. Edgar Hoover needed to arrest Garvey.

MLK, Jr. friend, photographer and FBI informant Ernest Withers

Martin L. King friend and photographer, Ernest Withers, who was on hand to capture King riding newly desegregated Montgomery, Alabama buses in the mid 1950’s and the shock of his closest confidants immediately after his murder in 1968 was also an FBI informer.

Eventually, the FBI established the the Ghetto Informant Program (GIP), intelligence-gathering operation run by the FBI from 1967–1973. Its official purpose was to collect information pertaining to riots and civil unrest. Through GIP, the FBI used more than 7000 people to infiltrate poor black communities in the United States. Black male Informants monitored Black activists including Martin L. King, Jr. Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, Stokely Carmichael, H. Rap Brown and Huey Newton among many others.

William O’Neal FBI informant

William O’Neal became infamous in 1973 when his role in the 1969 raid in which Black Panther leaders Fred Hampton and Mark Clark were murdered was revealed. O’Neal was a Panther insider to the point where he was in charge of security for Hampton and possessed keys to Panther headquarters and safe houses. Simultaneously, he was serving as an informant for the FBI. Among the information the teenaged O’Neal fed his FBI contact was the floor plan of Hampton’s west-side apartment that was used to plan the fatal raid.

William O’Neal’s floor plan of Fred Hampton’s home

Working closely with racist/white supremacists, coons are extremely dangerous…

With O’Neal’s floorpan in hand, at 4:00 a.m., a heavily armed police team arrived at the site, divided into two teams, eight for the front of the building and six for the rear. At 4:45 a.m., they stormed into the apartment. Mark Clark, sitting in the front room of the apartment with a shotgun in his lap, was on security duty. The police shot him in the chest, killing him instantly. Clark’s gun discharged once into the ceiling. This single round was fired when he suffered a reflexive death-convulsion after being shot. This was the only shot fired by the Panthers.

Hampton, drugged by barbiturates, was sleeping on a mattress in the bedroom with his fiancée, Deborah Johnson, who was nine months pregnant with their child. She was forcibly removed from the room by the police officers while Hampton still lay unconscious in bed. Then, the raiding team fired at the head of the south bedroom. Hampton was wounded in the shoulder by the shooting.

Fellow Black Panther Harold Bell said that he heard the following exchange:
“That’s Fred Hampton.”
“Is he dead?… Bring him out.”
“He’s barely alive.”
“He’ll make it.”

The injured Panthers said they heard two shots. According to Hampton’s supporters, the shots were fired point blank at Hampton’s head. According to Deborah Johnson, an officer then said:
“He’s good and dead now.”

As the world watches President Trump scramble for any and every advantage, both legal and extra-legal, that will sway the outcome of the upcoming election, it’s really not surprising to see so many Black coons lining up to do his bidding. There’s a long tradition of cooning that stretches back 310 years in America.

Pastor Darrell Scott and President Trump

What’s different and frightening is the extent to which everyday, ordinary Black males are cooning for Facebook and twitter likes. What the fuck is that about?

Take note and isolate Black male Trump supporters. Keep them away from young Black and Brown children. They mean Black people no good.

White Privilege: The Curious Case of Patrick Johnson

America is experiencing racial tension and strife unlike anything we have seen since the tumultuous 1960’s. Those of you familiar with the work of the Black Cager, have witnessed a relentless push for opportunities in the world of scholastic and collegiate athletics since 2013. The Black Cager platform is highly visible and well respected in the worlds of grassroots, scholastic and collegiate basketball.

Over a two week period in April, the following people appeared on Black Cager Sports talk for extensive and wide-ranging interviews:

Pat Chambers, Head Coach, Penn State Men’s Basketball

Frank Martin, Head Coach, South Carolina Men’s Basketball

Bruce Pearl, Head Coach, Auburn University Men’s Basketball

Jamion Christian, Head Coach, George Washington Men’s Basketball

Dwayne Killings, Associate Head Coach, Marquette Basketball

Kimani Young, Asst. Coach, UConn Basketball

Adam Fisher, Asst. Coach, Miami Basketball

Dave Caputo, Asst. Coach, Miami Basketball

Ashley Howard, La Salle University Basketball

Keith Stevens, Director, Team Takeover Basketball Club

There were many, many others but you get the point. The Black Cager platform is respected as a place where basketball people come to share their ideas, thoughts and concerns about the game at the grassroots, scholastic and collegiate levels.

Five years ago, I used the Black Cager platform to condemn the fact that there were ZERO (0) Black coaches among the 6 Division 1 programs (Penn, Temple, Drexel, La Salle, Villanova and St. Joseph’s), 4 Division 2 programs (Jefferson, Chestnut Hill, Sciences and Holy Family) and the 14 Catholic League teams.

Today, Temple and La Salle have Black head coaches. Chestnut Hill has a Black head coach. St. Joseph’s Prep (boys basketball), McDevitt (boys basketball), Hallahan (girls basketball), West Catholic Prep (girls basketball, boys basketball, football and athletic director), Roman Catholic (football) and Neumann-Goretti (football) have minority coaches in place. O’Hara (boys basketball) and Conwell-Egan (boys basketball) have had Black coaches that have since moved on.

That’s progress.

Additionally, I have used the Black Cager platform and Black Cager Scouting service to provide exposure for high school prospects in the mid-Atlantic region. Last September, I hosted 78 teams that played 78 highly competitive games in the Black Cager Fall Classic. These games were held at Friends Central high School and the Sixers G-League facility. The action was intense and the fans filled the facilities to the limit.


Over the past 15 years, I have utilized the Black Cager platform to help hundreds of young men and women successfully transition from high school to college. Below is a small partial listing of the young people I have helped transition to college.


This list does not include more recent kids like Charlie Brown (St. Joseph’s/NBA), Donta Scott (Maryland), Alliya Butts (Temple), Deja Reynolds (Lincoln/Temple) or current kids like Nisine “Wooga” Poplar, Rahsool Diggins, Taquan Woodley and Hysier Miller.

These young people have leveraged their athletic ability to access higher education. That is the mission of Black Cager Sports. Most people respect and appreciate the work we do.

But then, there are people like Laura Ingraham and Patrick Johnson. These are privileged white folk who are extremely perturbed by the existence of independent Black voices. These are the white folk that want Black males especially to just “shut up and dribble.”

Black Cager sports makes extensive use of R&B and hip hop music. In my social media posts, I frequently use quotes from historic figures like Langston Hughes, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and Martin L. King Jr. From time to time, I borrow lines like the one below from American classics like Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn.


For over a century, American school children have consumed Twain’s writings. We were told over and over again, this is “great” literature. Likewise, Tupac’s lyrics are widely considered to be examples of “great” contemporary poetry.

But… When you are exercising your white privilege and these literary classics appear on Black Cager Sports social media platforms, the use of the word “nigger” by a Black man becomes “racist.”

Not just racist, but grounds for a sustained campaign to have me terminated from my position with National College Preps. For anyone that has ever wondered, this is what white privilege looks like in action…

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 5.01.06 PM

White man trying to have a Black man terminated for writing “nigga” on his personal page… That’s his cause… That’s his contribution to the battle for racial justice in America today… White privilege is REAL… At least in his mind…

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 5.01.36 PM

To his credit… Mr. Johnson is persistent… He really is struggling to understand why his white privilege is NOT being accepted immediately… “Karen” wants to speak to the “manager.”

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 5.02.47 PM

When the corporation responded, Karen wasn’t satisfied… It’s like I asked her to leash her dog in Central Park… Or, I tried to grill a hamburger in the park in Oakland… Karen is SERIOUS! She wants me fired….

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 5.03.21 PM

I would like to let Karen know… My posts are MINE and MINE ALONE.

I take tremendous pride in being an independent voice for what I think is right.

I have NEVER run my social media posts by anyone… EVER!

Nor will I begin to do so…

I would not want to be associated with an organization that attempted to silence or censor my free speech.

So, in response to the threat to go to the media, I have provided this response. Please feel to copy the link and forward to as many media outlets as you wish.

What matters more? What’s more significant? Hundreds of kids accessing college through sports or Karen’s hurt feeling because she saw or heard a Black man use a word permeating English literature, contemporary music and prominent comedy acts?


I hope you get a media outlet to take up your cause… I’m more than ready to have the discussion…

I always say, white people do nigga shit all the time… this is Exhibit A!

Delgreco K. Wilson