Tale of Two Camps: Lewis Leonard and Jameer Nelson

So the summer is winding down… With it, another fantastic year of summer hoops is behind us…

The older Boys have left home and begun their journey toward manhood… Izaiah “IZB” Brockington (below) is at St Bonaventure. Youngfella… It gets EXTRA cold in Olean youngin… That ain’t the place for fly, fresh super-clean Timbs! Boots are for protection up there… Not fashion! The temps are frigid and the snow is deep… Can’t wait to see you come back through City Ave and 20th and Olney.


Collin Gillespie (below) is on the Mainline… Once again… People will underestimate his abilities… He’s too slow… He’s not explosive… He’s not ready for the Big East… That’s what they’re gonna say… Til’ Jay calls his name! Then they’re gonna say “Ooooooh… did you see that!” The boy can play basketball… He’s gonna contribute right away… Brunson is one of the very best point guards in the nation and every day Collin is gonna try to come at his neck… Nova’s backcourt is in good hands thanks to the keen evaluation skills of Coach Ash…


Daron “Fatts” Russell (below) is in Kingston, R.I… He will bring a fierce competitiveness to the A10… Undersized and OVERLY athletic he’s gonna be a problem for that league. Watch yo head… Fatts is gonna try to bang it on you…


Right now in Columbus, South Carolina Frank Martin is in Dave Beatty’s (below) ass… ALL DAY, EVERY DAY… Next time we see Dave, he’s gonna be on the court playing a brand of defense he could only imagine a few months ago… Gamecocks get after it… They get in your face for the whole game… Dave has the size, the lateral quickness, the strength and the toughness to be an elite defender right out of the box…


In Happy Valley, Pat Chambers is smiling from ear to ear… We all know Penn State is a football school and Chambers may have the best football recruit on his roster… Big John Harrar is 6’9” and comes in at about 255 lbs. He loves to bang and never backs down from a challenge… He will provide a much needed hockey “tough guy” presence for Tony Carr, Shep Garner and Lamar Stevens. He’s more than ready help Mike Watkins give Penn State a true Big10 front line for the first time in recent memory.


Cheesing, perhaps, more than any of the other coaches in the area is Doug Overton. He’s got Jordan Camper (below) strolling across the bucolic Chester County campus of America First Historically Black college, Lincoln University. At 6’7” Camper is an exceedingly quick and explosive leaper. He should immediately be among the rebounding and shot blocking leaders in the ultra-tough CIAA.


Those guys are ALL High School graduates and NCAA Eligible!

They are gone from Philadelphia’s scholastic hoops scene… Their achievements recorded for the archives… But, as we all know, there are always new hitters on deck. Black Cager Sports Media spent time at two of the finest camps this week checking out some they guys that are next up. Fortunately, the talented was concentrated in two wonderfully different camp settings.

The AAU/grassroots season is done… WeRone Hoops, led by Coach James Johns, won the Under Armour National 17U Championship for the 3rd time in 4 years. Locally, Skip Robinson assumed the helm as WeRone took the hardware in the Chosen League and the King of Philly Tournament. They are loaded… Eric Dixon, Eric Ayala and Isaiah Wong are all consensus top 100 players in their respective classes.

From time to time, I hear the arguments that other area programs are better… None of these argument are persuasive…

Now, as the kids prepare to return to school, they are honing their skills in camps across the country. Two of the very best camps were held in Philadelphia this week. Jameer Nelson’s Lead Guard Camp was a small, intimate camp focused on identifying weakness and providing instruction in ways to address those weaknesses. Lewis Leonard’s Elite Camp is throwback old-school summer basketball camp experience where high level competition is the focus.

Both were excellent!

Nelson, a former National College Player of the Year at St. Joseph’s and 13 year NBA veteran identified 12 of the better guards and wings to participate in his camp. Every morning in the spacious gym on the beautiful Girard College campus, they began with boxing instruction. After that, they received lectures on topics such as NCAA eligibility and life after basketball. But, the central feature of this camp was intense small group instruction from the likes of Drew Hanlen, NBA Strategic Skills Coach, Monte Ross, NCAA D1 Head Coach and Nelson himself. The impressive participant list included AJ Hoggard (Archbishop Carroll/Team Final), Chris Ings (Neumann-Gorreti/NJ Playaz), Lynn Greer (Roman Catholic/Team Final), Jameer Nelson, Jr. (Haverford School/Jersey Shore), Mikeal Jones (Girard College/Team Final), Donta Scott (Imhotep/Philly Pride), Michael Smith (Chester/Philly Pride), Isaiah Wong (Bonner/WeRone Hoops), Rasheen Caulk, Jr. (Salesianum) and Jhamir Brickus (Coatesville/Rip City).

Lewis identified some of the very best players in the mid-Atlantic region and had them go at it in a small hot recreation center gym and outside on painted black top surface with the sun beaming down on their backs. Ohhhhh… Lewis had the dudes in attendance… Sam Sessoms (Shipley/Team Final), Eric Dixon (Abington/WeRone Hoops), Julius Phillips (Archbishop Wood/Team Final), Elijah Taylor (Imhotep/WeRone Hoops), Dahmir Bishop (Imhotep/K-Low Elite), Jon Bol Ajok (Church Farm/Team Final), Chereef Knox (Imhotep/WeRone Hoops) and Fatayn Wesley (Imhotep) were all in the building.

In Nelson’s camp, the player changed uniforms several times a day… They were each given new sneakers and the lunch was catered… At Leaonard’s camp it was “shirts and
skins,” play in the shoes you came with and the girl out front was selling snacks…

One guy is a multi-millionaire NBA veteran, the other is an overseas professional working hard for his next contract…

The common denominator? Both guys give 100% of themselves! Both guys LOVE the kids in their camps… Both guys LOVE the game of basketball…

Both guys have so much knowledge and expertise to share with the kids… One thing is certain, every kid in both of those camps got better… Every kid in both camps NOW know that the man sponsoring the respective camps truly LOVES them and wants to see them use basketball to improve themselves and access high education…

If you ever, feel the urge to be critical of either camp? Don’t…

If you find yourself pitting one camp against the other? Stop…

Lewis Leonard and Jameer Nelson are teammates, they share common goals and purposes…

Dear D1, D2, D3, NAIA and JUCO Coaches…

Summer’s winding down… Most of your guys are home getting ready to return to campus…

You have two things on your mind coach… One, winning the games on your recently released schedule… Although I wish you luck, I really can’t help you with that one Bro…

However, the other BIG thing on your mind is recruiting. I believe Black Cager Scouting Services can be of assistance with that one. As you try to determine which kids fit your needs for the 2018, 2019 and 2020 recruiting classes, we can help you sort a few things out.

After watching scores, perhaps even hundreds, of AAU/grassroots games over the past 4 months, you have to shift your analytical focus to the scholastic game. High School is hoops is a much different animal… Unlike AAU tournaments featuring some of the very best players in the nations, in many cases the kids you come to see will be playing against far weaker teams. Your target will frequently be the best kid on the court… BY FAR… Many times, when you walk into a HS gym there may be 1, 2 or maybe 3 D1 or D2 level prospects. The Black Cager Fall Classic give you an opportunity to observe and evaluate ELITE high school players competing against one another for their HS teams.

Coach… What if I told you we have arranged for 44 very good high school teams from the mid-Atlantic region to play in one gym over 2 days in the middle of October?

Coach… Not just good teams, but some really GREAT programs… Legendary programs like Imhotep, Archbishop Wood, Roman Catholic, Neumann-Goretti, Chester, Harrisburg and Camden will participate. The Washington, D.C. Public League Champion Woodrow Wilson, the Delaware State Champion Smyrna will be there. Teams with multiple ESPN Top 100 players like John Carroll (MD) and Immaculate Conception (NJ) will be playing.

Here is list of confirmed teams for the 2nd Annual Black Cager Fall Classic…

Participants - BC Fall Classic-page-0

Each of these programs will play two (2) highly competitive games.

Looking for a BIG? Naheem McCloud (7’1″ Junior, Center – Plymouth-Whitemarsh) will face Azubuike Nwankwo (7’2″ Junior, Center – Smyrna) and Wil McNair (6’10” Senior, Center – MLK Jr). These are the types of sturdy tests these guys need. These are match-ups that facilitate solid evaluation of these college prospects.

Looking for a point guard this year or next year? Well… We are gonna have highly ranked sophomores AJ Hoggard (Archbishop Carroll – UConn offer) and Lynn Greer (Roman Catholic – Penn State, Temple offers) go head-to-head with Immanuel Quickley, ESPN #13 (John Carroll – Kansas, Kentucky, Arizona and UConn offers)…

Over and over and over… Tough matchups ALL DAY for 2 days!

These guys will be playing within the structure of their scholastic teams.

D1 coaches, I know you wanna be there… I really wish you could be there… But the NCAA forbids it… For you, we are gonna film each game… The videos will be available to all subscribers of the NCAA-Approve Black Cager Scouting Service… We will also make available complete evaluation of each players. And coach… we have some really good players coming out!

Below is a partial listing of some of the HIGH MAJOR players that will compete in the Fall Classic.

Black Cager Fall Classic HIGH MAJOR list-page-0

Small college coaches… PLEASE come out and enjoy this weekend of high level hoops with us! Division 2, Division 3, NAIA and JUCO coaches are cordially invited to come and watch these programs go at it up close. We will have designated seating areas for college coaches. We want you to be able to watch and evaluate the talent on display without interruption. While we have some high powered teams with high major talent, this event is intended, primarily, to give small colleges and small college prospects a jump on the recruiting process.

We all know the Top 100 prospects will be alright… We are trying to facilitate the recruitment of ALL the kids in these wonderful high school programs.

Below is a partial listing of some of the D1 and small college prospects that will be competing.

Black Cager Prospect Watch List - Revised-page-0(1)

Coach… We will make you and your staff comfortable. We will make available all the necessary contact information for the coaches and players in the Fall Classic.

We are gonna get it in ALL DAY for 2 day coach… If you D1, I’ll have to get you the reports and videos… If you D2, D3, NAIA or JUCO… Bring YO ASS!

See you there coach!

Delgreco K. Wilson





An Open Letter to College Basketball Coaches…

Coach… Coach… Relax Bro… I know it’s been hectic the past few weeks. Sit back and chill for a few… Let me holla at ya…

Airports, hotels, rental cars D2 gyms, D3 gyms and HOT ASS high school gyms one after another…

Couple days home, then…

Airports, hotels, rental cars D2 gyms, D3 gyms and HOT ASS high school gyms one after another…

The grind is real!

I feel your pain Bro… I understand… You gotta get that kid… You been stalking him, texting him, direct messaging him, calling Mom, calling Dad, listening to his Ol’ Head’s ‘assessment’ of how he fits in YOUR offense… I get it… You’re tired as shit…

This week you’re sitting down with your Head Coach and the other Assistants on staff and discuss what you’ve seen… You’re trying to come up with a plan for August. “How do we close?”

“We gotta get this shit done!”

“Who should we bring on campus this month? Which local kids do we invite for unofficials? Who do we bring in on official visits?”

Allow the Black Cager Scouting Service to help you sort through some of this clutter… We can help you evaluate and contact kids playing in the mid-Atlantic region (NJ, PA, DE & MD).

We know the pressure you work under… We appreciate your time, we don’t waste it… You’re looking for kids that can help you win games in your conference… You need to get to a post-season tournament…

The Black Cager Scouting Service helps college basketball coaches identify NCAA-eligible student-athletes.

Below you will find some recent observations… These are for coaches recruiting at the highest levels, like guys working for Power Conference Schools or ambitious programs in the A10, Mountain West, American and C-USA conferences, etc.

We all know… It’s levels to this shit! Black Cager keeps that in mind at all times…

Coach… Are you in the market for a high end, “One and Done” level talent?

If you are at or near the top of one of the Power Conferences and need a piece that can put you in position to make a Final Four appearance there are a couple of mid-Atlantic prospects that could help you get there. These are the guys at the very top of the food chain.


Cameron Reddish (Team Final/Westtown), ESPN, #4 2018, is definitely a target for guys in this predicament. A genuine, certified, verified, bonafied “one and done” prospect, Reddish is nearly 6’8” and approaching 210 lbs. He is a highly skilled WG/SF. Straight out of casting central, Cam looks the part. He has the handle… He has the shot… He can pass… He can rebound… He can defend… At times, he makes it look too easy. Although a few have questioned if he has a true killer instinct, none have questioned his elite basketball abilities. Cam is THE MAN in the mid-Atlantic region. Reddish a very good, not freakish, athlete.  But he is extremely smooth and explosive enough to translate his game to the collegiate level and beyond. Programs that routinely feature 1 or 2 year college players are heavily involved with Reddish. Kentucky, Duke, UConn, UCLA and Villanova round out his top 5.


The other sure fire prospect for those seeking a “one and done” talent in the mid-Atlantic region is Nazreon Reid (Sports U/Roselle Catholic). Reid, ESPN #8 2018, at first glance looks like an old school back to the basket low-post player until the game starts. After jump ball, he becomes a 6’10”, 250 pound highly skilled forward with solid ball-handling skills and exceptional vision. He makes very good decisions with the ball in transition. He keeps his head up and finds teammates with accurate no-look passes. A very good athlete, Reid possesses a mature frame. A solid year in an intensive collegiate strength and conditioning program will convert Reid into an NBA-ready physical specimen in short order. Make no mistake, Reid is a naturally strong, highly skilled and unselfish young players figuring out how to impose his will on games. He has quick release and a repeatable stroke from deep. He shoots over 42% from beyond the arc. He won’t be a college player for long. I’d be surprised if he earns more that 15-18 credits… UConn, Kansas, Louisville, LSU and Maryland are just few of his primary suitors.

Are you looking for a guard that can contribute to a HIGH MAJOR program early in their careers and is likely to stay in school beyond one season?

There are several to top prospects choose from in the mid-Atlantic region. I really don’t think you can go wrong with anyone of them…


Immanuel Quickley (Team BBC/John Carroll) is a 6’3” 180 pound point guard from Baltimore. Quickley, ESPN #15 2018, is a big point guard with room to add size and strength. He has an athletic frame with broad shoulders and long arms and legs. He plays a cerebral game. Quickley consistently makes smart plays and possesses a good instinctive feel for the game. An outstanding defender both on and off the ball, he applies great pressure to opposing point guards and is extremely disruptive in the the passing lanes exhibiting impressive quickness. Arizona, Cincinnati, UConn, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland, Maimi, Providence and UCLA are some of the schools pursuing Quickley.


Jahvon Quinerly (Sports U/Hudson Catholic) plays the game at a very even pace. At 6’1” 175 pounds, Quinerly, ESPN #16 2018, is never in a hurry and plays with a very calm demeanor. Usually paired with very talented teammates in both AAU and high school settings, Quinerly has an advanced feel for the game. An exceptional ball-handler, Quinerly is equally adept going right or left. While he is able to create space for himself off the dribble with in and out moves and crossovers, he is at his best utilizing screens and in the pick and roll. Quinerly plays the game with a very high degree of confidence. He is a HIGH MAJOR point guard prospect for sure. Arizona, Kansas, Maryland, Villanova, UCLA, Syracuse and Virginia are among the offers he has received.


Louis King (Team Final/Hudson Catholic) is a very talented small forward/big wing oozing with potential. He has very solid ball-handling skills as a result of growing four inches in the last two years. When he is on, he can be dominant offensively. King at 6’8”, 205 lbs, ESPN #17 2018 can put up big numbers even when his man is playing outstanding defense. He’s effective in pick and roll situations where he can simply dribble off and pull up. He is crafty enough to create space for his shot in isolation situations. He has decent range and nice form on his jump shot, but his shot-selection at times hurts his percentages. King gets nice elevation and can shoot off balance with little trouble, particularly from mid-range range. Operates as a bit of a point forward. Great one-on-one skills. Excellent hesitation moves and use of ball fakes. Plays the game at many different speeds. Effective crossover. Hard to stop off the dribble. Outstanding ball-handler at his size. Kansas, Kansas St, Louisville, Seton Hall, St. John’s, Syracuse and VCU are pursuing King.


Jalen Carey (NJ Playaz/Immaculate Conception) is a very athletic combo guard. He’s very smooth and capable of explosively attacking the rim in transition. Carey, ESPN #56, 2018, has great size and explosive scoring ability. In both AAU and High School settings he has proven himself to be a very natural scorer with an effortless shooting ability and excellent instincts off the dribble. He’s very quick in half-court situations with an excellent first step. He penetrates the defense and gets into the paint with ease. Carey is fast and goes from end to end in a blur. He consistently makes good decisions in fast-break opportunities. Great size for a point guard, standing 6’3” and weighing 175 pounds. Very capable of creating shots for himself off the dribble with a lot of hesitations, crossovers and fakes to get himself open. Shoots the ball often and with confidence. UConn, Notre Dame, Villanova, Syracuse, Penn State, South Carolina, Pitt, Rutgers, St. Joseph’s, Temple, VCU are some of the schools recruiting Carey.


Noah Locke (Team Melo/McDonogh) is an athletic shooting guard, with great scoring potential. Locke is a very good shooter, with quick release. At 6’2” 195, he shoots it well coming of screens and he more than capable of creating his own shot off-the-dribble. He is a deadly pull up jump shooter. Locke, ESPN #82 2018, is a “old school” shooting guard who possesses a very solid mid-range game. His strongest asset is his ability to put the ball in the basket. He has a compact and repeatable shooting stroke with a high release. He was one of the best three-point shooters on the EYBL cuircuit this year. He also has potential as a defender even though he’s not very big or exceptionally strong. He has quick feet, and should be able to defend college shooting guards on the perimeter. His recruiting has really picked up this Spring/Summer with Florida, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Michigan, Notre Dame, Pitt, Providence and Virginia Tech in hot pursuit.


Eric Ayala (WeRone/Putnam Science) is a big highly skilled point guard. Ayala, 6’4” 190 pounds, is relatively tall and strong for his position. He possesses adequate quickness and speed, but his size and physicality are his most useful assets. Ayala, ESPN #88 2018, is able to slide over to shooting guard on occasion without much difficulty. Has a great feel for the game, highly refined ball handling skills, and is as clutch as they come. He’s been a big part of consecutive (2016, 2017) Under Armour 17U national championship teams. He’s never afraid to take the big shot. One of the most reliable and efficient offensive point guards in the nation. Ayala is very effective in pick and roll situations. He’s difficult to guard on the high pick and roll due to his shooting ability. Capable of stopping and popping from just about anywhere. Needs to become more consistent from three point range. He is great at initiating contact and finishing. Goes to the line at a high rate. Great killer instinct. Doesn’t turn the ball over at all for how much he dribbles. Not a fancy ball handler, but a good one. Not a fancy passer either. However, he is well above average in that aspect of the game. Arizona, UConn, Oregon, Indiana, Maryland, Miami, Ohio State, South Carolina, Syracuse, St. John’s, Temple, Saint Joseph’s, VCU and USC are some of programs pursuing Ayala.

High-Major, Mid-Major and  Low-Major College coaches  SUBSCRIBE to Black Cager Scouting Service (*NCAA Approved*) for detailed scouting/evaluation reports on mid-Atlantic AAU/Grassroots team and individual players such as:

WeRone Hoops (Under Armour)
Philly Pride (Under Armour)
Team Final (EYBL)
K-Low Elite (Adidas Gauntlet)
Team Melo (EYBL)
Team BBC (Adidas Gauntlet)
Team Takeover (EYBL)
NJ Playaz (EYBL)
Team Rio (Under Armour)
Team PYO (Independent)
Philly Hurricanes (Independent)
Elite U (Independent)
Phenom-Hoopdreamz (Independent)

Philly Class of 2018

Matthue Cotton (K-Low Elite/Eastern HS)
Jack Clark (Philly Pride/Cheltenham HS)
Allen Betrand (Philly Pride/Roman Catholic HS)
Tyree Pickron (K-Low Elite/Archbishop Wood HS)
Antwuan Butler (WeRone Hoops/O’Hara HS)
Sam Sessoms (Team Final/Shipley HS)
Damon Wall (K-Low Elite/Doane Academy)
Andrew Funk (Jersey Shore Warriors/Archbishop Wood HS)
Ajiri Johnson (WeRone Hoops/Bonner HS)
Seth Pinkney (K-Low Elite/Archbishop Wood)
Donelle Holly (Philly Pride/MLK HS)
Elijah Kiah-El (Philly Pride/MLK HS)
Justin Steers (Philly Pride/Friends Central HS)
Justin Anderson (Team Final/Archbishop Carroll HS)
Marcus Littles (WeRone Hoops/Neumann-Goretti HS)
Izaiah Brockington (WeRone Hoops/Ryan HS)
Bernard Lightsey (Postive Image/Imhotep HS)
Karrington Wallace (K-Low Elite/Archbishop Wood HS)
John Bol Ajak (Team Final/Church Farm)
Ahmin Williams (PYO/Plymouth-Whitemarsh)
Ahmad Williams (PYO/Plymouth-Whitemarsh)
Dhamir Montague (Phenom-Hoopdreamz/Neumann-Goretti)
Noah Warren (Team Final Black/Neumann-Goretti)

Philly Class of 2019

Eric Dixon (WeRone Hoops/Abington HS)
Donta Scott (Philly Pride/Imhotep)
Seth Lundy (Philly Pride/Roman Catholic)
Naheem McCleod (PYO/Plymouth-Whitemarsh)
Chris Ings (NJ Playaz/Neumann-Goretti)
Isaiah Wong (WeRone Hoops/Notre Dame)
Nahshon “Bones” Hyland (WeRone Hoops/Bonner)
Christian Ray (K-Low Elite/Haverford School)
Karam Cummings (K-Low Elite/Imhotep)
Zion Teague (K-Low Elite/Vineland HS)
Dahmir Bishop (K-Low Elite/Imhotep HS)
Khalif Battle (Team Final/Gill St. Bernard HS)
Lucas Monroe (Team Final/Abington HS)
Julius Phillips (Team Final/Archbishop Wood)
K’vonn Cramer (Team Final/Mt. Pleasant HS)

Black Cager Scouting Service can help you sort out the mid-Atlantic region coach! We understand how much information you are trying to process… We know you need find NCAA-eligible players that can make a difference! Hit us up coach!!

Delgreco K. Wilson
Black Cager Scouting Service
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