Penn vs Miami: ALS Awareness Game

Marco Morcos, Dreamchasers Community Services, CEO is a man on a mission. Inspired by his dear friend, Dr. Michael Honrychs, Morcos is dedicated to aggressively raising research funds and increasing awareness about ALS.


Marco Morcos, Full Court Press on ALS

In a recent interview, Morcos passionately explained that “increased awareness is more important than ever, progress is being made… In fact, five genes have been identified since the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge a few years ago. Identifying ALS genes that contribute to ALS disease allows scientists to target them for therapy, essentially increasingly the likelihood that a treatment will be found.” Morcos desperately wants to keep the momentum going.

“My dear friend Dr. Honrychs was diagnosed with ALS. That’s when I learned the particularly devastating part of the disease; unlike cancer, with the possibility of remission, ALS is always fatal. This disease is horribly destructive with a progressive weakening and paralysis of all muscles.”

Inspired, Morcos has spearheaded the Full Court Press on ALS program. In just two short years, it has emerged as a nationwide collaboration between the Full Court Press and dedicated college Basketball Coaches. This initiative leverages the personal experiences, community leadership, and professional excellence of coaches across the country to increase ALS awareness and support for fundraising activities, and advocacy programs.

als 2-1

(L-R) Morcos, Steve Donahue (Penn), Michael Honrychs and Fran Dunphy (Temple)

Full Court Press on ALS
Established in 2015, Full Court Press on ALS is a national non-profit organization dedicated to providing funding assistance to major medical organizations and raising awareness about the Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

In collaboration with the Ivy League, Full Court Press on ALS has united coaches, alums and basketball fans nationwide to help fight a crippling disease. With assistance of coaches, players, fans and volunteers, Full Court Press on ALS works to increase awareness of raise funds and sponsor educational initiatives.

A Full Court Press on ALS is sponsoring an ALS Awareness Game between the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Miami. The game is scheduled for Tuesday, December 4,  at 7:00. The venue is the Palestra, often called the Cathedral of College Basketball.

als 2-2

The fight is underway, and we need you on our team.

Through collegiate basketball games, Full Court Press on ALS raises funds that will help to find a cure for the horrible disease. Full Court Press seeks to build hope and enhance quality of life for ALS patients. Please donate and make arrangements to volunteer at ALS Awareness Games.

Help us leverage Full Court Press’ nationwide network of college coaches and ALS research centers to provide much needed support to the ALS community.

Full Court Press on ALS
9 Woodstone Drive
Vorhees, New Jersey 08043

+1 (929) 499–7999

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