Strong Start for K-Low Elite 17U!

K-Low Elite had a very strong session on the Adidas Gold Gauntlet last weekend. K-Low was 3-1 and the lone loss was a game that was firmly in their grasp. K-Low was in control throughout the contest. Philly Hurricanes were playing in a Silver Gauntlet contest 2 courts over. So… I went back and forth between the two Philly teams.

K-Low was up 4, 26-22 at the half. They extended the lead into double figures. Team Wall hung around and remained within striking distance. In the clip below, Dahmir Bishop goes to the foul line to shoot a “1 and 1” with 1:05 left in the game. K-Low is leading 61-55 when Bishop goes to the line…

Bishop hits both to extend the K-Low lead to 8 with 1:05 left.  Then it happened… A couple missed front ends of one and ones, a four point play and a foul with 0.8 seconds left led to K-Low’s lone loss.

Other than the last minute of this particular game, K-Low played some very impressive basketball. Chris Ings has been a very steady backcourt presence for this team. Ings is averaging 8.3 ppg, 4.3 rpg and 3.0 apg. Perhaps most importantly, Ings only had 2 turnovers for the entire weekend. In his initial Gauntlet Gold session, Ings made 58% (11-19) of his field goal attempts. Ings is a very athletic, turnover adverse tough Philly point guard. The leading scorers for K-Low are Dahmir Bishop 12.3 ppg and Christian Ray 10.8 ppg.




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