Shit Black Coaches Deal With!

Imagine… You spend your life trying to do things the right way… You come up through the Philadelphia ranks…You have the quintessential Philadelphia basketball career…

You played for Bill Ellerbee in High School…

You trained with John Hardnett in the summer…

You played for John Chaney in college…

You played for Larry Brown in the NBA…

You played with Allen Iverson in the NBA Finals…

You decide to transition into coaching… From September 2008 through 2013, you were a member of the Sixers coaching staff…

You decide to return to your college home and join the Temple coaching staff… Everyone is excited, including Head Coach, Fran Dunphy.

“Aaron McKie is not only Temple Basketball, but he is Philadelphia Basketball,” said Dunphy. “His name still resonates in the city, as he played his high school, college and professional ball in Philly.  He is a tremendous representative of Temple University and possesses an astute basketball mind which will serve to help the program in so many ways.”

So… earlier this week it was announced that you would become Head Coach of the Owls beginning with the 2019-2020 season.

A logical choice…

However, within minutes CBS Sports Basketball commentator, Doug Gottlieb puts out tweet claiming that “[Temple Basketball] has been toxic last two years w/McKie working for this to happen…”



What the FUCK is he talking about?

Why… Why within minutes of being named Head Coach in waiting should McKie have to deal with this? Gottlieb attempts to label McKie as a “Judas” from the very moment his Head coaching career gets underway.

The coaching profession is heavily dependent upon relationships… Coaches are extremely protective of their reputations… They are very reluctant to shit on one another publicly…

Full disclosure: Aaron McKie is a friend of mine. We do communicate on a fairly regular basis about all things related to college basketball.

For some reason, McKie’s ascent to the Head Coaching position at Temple bothers Gottlieb. Unfortunately, CBS Sports provides Gottlieb with a platform from which he can spew all sorts of ill-informed and patently false BULLSHIT.

Unfortunately, This is the type of shit Black Coaches have to deal with!

After careful consideration, here is the official Black Cager response to Gottlieb’s attempt to smear a shining star of Philadelphia’s Basketball community:






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