Coach… Looking for Good SENIOR Players?

It’s that time of year… My homies coaching at the smaller D1 programs out west and down south start hitting me up… “Who’s still out there?”

“We had a kid leave…”

“Our top recruit went somewhere else…”

For whatever reason… D1, D2 and NAIA coaches, in January. begin to look under every rock, visit every gym and call every contact trying to fill out their rosters for next year.

This a “cheat sheet” for my buddies… This is a list of kids that could help some D1 programs, would contribute immediately at most D2/NAIAs and would be stars at the D3 level. These are kids Black Cager Scouting Service has seen up close.

Available Seniors-page-0

Coach… you know the routine… google ’em, look at the Hudl, Krossover and youtube highlights… If you have a sincere interest in any of these kids, we can put you in touch with the coaches and families IMMEDIATELY!

Good Luck…















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