Richard Granberry: An Update on the Claude Gross Scholarship Recipient

In April, the representatives of the Black Basketball Hall of Fame, Lionel Simmons, Geoffrey Arnold, Bruiser Flint, Mo Howard and Delgreco Wilson awarded the first Claude Gross Memorial Scholarship to Richard Granberry. The Claude Gross Scholarship is provided to Philadelphia area student-athletes attending a historically black college or university (HBCU). Upon graduating from Benjamin Franklin High School, Gross was offered scholarships by North Carolina A&T and Winston-Salem Universities.

He was unable to attend primarily because he had to work and help contribute financially to his family household. One of the finest scholastic basketball players on the east coast, Gross never attended college.

The Black Basketball Hall of Fame provides the Claude Gross Scholarship to help ensure that financial considerations do not prevent young student-athletes from attending college.

In his first semester since receiving the Scholarship, Granberry had a current term GPA of 3.56. His cumulative GPA is 3.46. On the court, Granberry leads the Virginia State Trojans in scoring at 12.3 ppg.

25289292_1645205638833730_3625522460602425222_nThe Black Basketball Hall of Fame is extremely proud of Richard Granberry.

Keep grinding young man!


Richard Granberry Dunks for Virginia State University



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