Kids Transfer ALL the Time! Deal With It…

Transfers are very, very common among high school students… Even some VERY GOOD basketball players transfer… Here’s a few off the top of my head…

Rico Washington – Frankford to Ben Franklin

Brian Shorter – Gratz to Oak Hill

Tasheed Carr – UCity to Oak Hill

Nazeer Bostick – MCS to Roman Catholic

Mike Watkins – Bartram to MCS

Traci Carter – Roman to Life Center

Tony Carr – Abington Friends to Roman Catholic

Josh Sharkey – Abington Friends to Archbishop Carroll

Devon McClendon – Academy Park to Chester

Glenn Sabb – Cheltenham to ANC

Zah Harrison – Wood to Cheltenham

Dave Beatty – Carroll to St. Benedict’s to Imhotep

Matthue Cotton – ANC to St. Benedict’s to Eastern

DJ Newbill – Imhotep to Strawberry Mansion

Jarrod Denard – Imhotep to Friere Charter

Marcus Littles – ANC to Neumann-Goretti

Justin Anderson – Chestnut Hill to ANC to Archbishop Caroll

Rashid Bey – Glen Mills to Neumann

Allen Betrand – Fels to Roman Catholic

Justin Steers – Tacony Charter to Friends Central

Skinny Warwick – UCity to Friends Central


Three TRANSFERS Stevens (Haverford School), Bostick (MCS) and Carr (Abington Friends)

I guess the ADs of these sending schools failed to “protect” the kids from themselves?

Kid doesn’t want to go to your school?

Let him go…

Wish him well…

Open enrollment and school choice is a good thing! A VERY good thing!






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