Dear D1, D2, D3, NAIA and JUCO Coaches…

Summer’s winding down… Most of your guys are home getting ready to return to campus…

You have two things on your mind coach… One, winning the games on your recently released schedule… Although I wish you luck, I really can’t help you with that one Bro…

However, the other BIG thing on your mind is recruiting. I believe Black Cager Scouting Services can be of assistance with that one. As you try to determine which kids fit your needs for the 2018, 2019 and 2020 recruiting classes, we can help you sort a few things out.

After watching scores, perhaps even hundreds, of AAU/grassroots games over the past 4 months, you have to shift your analytical focus to the scholastic game. High School is hoops is a much different animal… Unlike AAU tournaments featuring some of the very best players in the nations, in many cases the kids you come to see will be playing against far weaker teams. Your target will frequently be the best kid on the court… BY FAR… Many times, when you walk into a HS gym there may be 1, 2 or maybe 3 D1 or D2 level prospects. The Black Cager Fall Classic give you an opportunity to observe and evaluate ELITE high school players competing against one another for their HS teams.

Coach… What if I told you we have arranged for 44 very good high school teams from the mid-Atlantic region to play in one gym over 2 days in the middle of October?

Coach… Not just good teams, but some really GREAT programs… Legendary programs like Imhotep, Archbishop Wood, Roman Catholic, Neumann-Goretti, Chester, Harrisburg and Camden will participate. The Washington, D.C. Public League Champion Woodrow Wilson, the Delaware State Champion Smyrna will be there. Teams with multiple ESPN Top 100 players like John Carroll (MD) and Immaculate Conception (NJ) will be playing.

Here is list of confirmed teams for the 2nd Annual Black Cager Fall Classic…

Participants - BC Fall Classic-page-0

Each of these programs will play two (2) highly competitive games.

Looking for a BIG? Naheem McCloud (7’1″ Junior, Center – Plymouth-Whitemarsh) will face Azubuike Nwankwo (7’2″ Junior, Center – Smyrna) and Wil McNair (6’10” Senior, Center – MLK Jr). These are the types of sturdy tests these guys need. These are match-ups that facilitate solid evaluation of these college prospects.

Looking for a point guard this year or next year? Well… We are gonna have highly ranked sophomores AJ Hoggard (Archbishop Carroll – UConn offer) and Lynn Greer (Roman Catholic – Penn State, Temple offers) go head-to-head with Immanuel Quickley, ESPN #13 (John Carroll – Kansas, Kentucky, Arizona and UConn offers)…

Over and over and over… Tough matchups ALL DAY for 2 days!

These guys will be playing within the structure of their scholastic teams.

D1 coaches, I know you wanna be there… I really wish you could be there… But the NCAA forbids it… For you, we are gonna film each game… The videos will be available to all subscribers of the NCAA-Approve Black Cager Scouting Service… We will also make available complete evaluation of each players. And coach… we have some really good players coming out!

Below is a partial listing of some of the HIGH MAJOR players that will compete in the Fall Classic.

Black Cager Fall Classic HIGH MAJOR list-page-0

Small college coaches… PLEASE come out and enjoy this weekend of high level hoops with us! Division 2, Division 3, NAIA and JUCO coaches are cordially invited to come and watch these programs go at it up close. We will have designated seating areas for college coaches. We want you to be able to watch and evaluate the talent on display without interruption. While we have some high powered teams with high major talent, this event is intended, primarily, to give small colleges and small college prospects a jump on the recruiting process.

We all know the Top 100 prospects will be alright… We are trying to facilitate the recruitment of ALL the kids in these wonderful high school programs.

Below is a partial listing of some of the D1 and small college prospects that will be competing.

Black Cager Prospect Watch List - Revised-page-0(1)

Coach… We will make you and your staff comfortable. We will make available all the necessary contact information for the coaches and players in the Fall Classic.

We are gonna get it in ALL DAY for 2 day coach… If you D1, I’ll have to get you the reports and videos… If you D2, D3, NAIA or JUCO… Bring YO ASS!

See you there coach!

Delgreco K. Wilson





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