Black Cager Scouting Report: Matt Cotton… HIGH MAJOR

Matthue Cotton is a HIGH MAJOR student… His GPA is north of 3.4 and his M/V SAT score is north of 1000…

Matthue Cotton is from a HIGH MAJOR family… His mother is a US Army veteran and served in the Iraq War. His father works for the US Department of Homeland Security…

Matthue Cotton is a HIGH MAJOR person… He enjoys volunteering at a teen shelter, feeding the homeless, and reading his donated books to children at a day care center…

Matthue Cotton is a HIGH MAJOR basketball prospect… He is one of the top two or three college basketball prospects from the Greater Philadelphia Region in the Class of 2018…


Matt Cotton - Scouting Report

Matthue has scholarship offers from the following Colleges and Universities (The Ivy League Schools do NOT offer athletic scholarships):

Miami (ACC)

OK State (BIG 12)

VCU (A10)

Colgate (Patriot)

Seton Hall (Big East)

St. Joseph’s (A10)

University of Pennsylvania (IVY)

Columbia (IVY)

St. Bonaventure (A10)

Virginia Tech (ACC)

Rhode Island (A10)

Rutgers (Big 10)

Temple (AAC)

Lasalle (A10)

Towson (CAA)

NJIT (Atlantic Sun)

Tulane (C-USA)

Hartford (Am East)



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