Literacy & Life Skills Partnership

DreamChasers, LLC a New Jersey-Based Behavioral Health and Social Services Agency Develops Innovative Juvenile Justice Intervention Model

Literacy & Life Skills Partnership (LLSP)

DreamChaser’s Literacy, & Life Skills Partnership addresses the dire link between learning deficiencies among urban students and juvenile delinquency. LLSP’s mission is to prevent future crimes by first-time juvenile offenders with reading difficulties by re-engaging them in learning, educational, and vocational opportunities.


In cooperation with New Jersey County’s District Attorneys, Assistant Public Defenders, Juvenile Court, Public Schools, and the NJ Juvenile Justice Commission, LLSP will provides a critical early intervention for first-time offenders with special learning needs in lieu of costly prosecution. LLSP participants will attend the literacy and life skills-based tutoring and mentoring program once weekly for at least six months under a court-sanctioned mutual postponement. If a youth completes 50 hours in the program, maintains regular school attendance, and incurs no new charges, his/her case will be dismissed. LLSP will serve over 100 youth ages 10-17 in Fiscal Year 2016.

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