Learning Disabilities and NCAA Eligibility: Open Letter to Parents

Say your son or daughter has a learning disability. They are bright and inquisitive, but they learn differently.

If your child receives special education services, he must have an Individualized Education Program (IEP). That’s the law. An IEP is an important legal document. It spells out your child’s learning needs, the services the school will provide and how progress will be measured.


Several people, including parents, are involved in creating the document. The entire process can be a great way to sort out your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Working on the IEP can help you figure out ways to help him succeed in school.

Creating an effective IEP often takes time, effort and patience.

If your child is also an elite scholastic athlete, there are some other very important factors that must be taken into account.

Your child’s AAU/Grassroots coaches and High School coaches should help walk you through the legal language and procedures so it’ll be easier for you to participate. The more they know about the process, the better they can advocate for your child.

Even with an IEP your child will be required to complete 16 NCAA approved core courses.

The AAU/Grassroots coaches should help you identify a high school with a strong special education component. They should help you find a school with NCAA-approved core courses for special education students.

Imhotep - 48H-page-0

Imhotep - 48H-page-1

IMHOTEP High School in Philadelphia is one such school. As you can see, IMHOTEP has 18 special education classes listed on their NCAA APPROVED Core Course list. If your son or daughter has exhibited elite-level athletic abilities and you are NOT in a position to pay $40,000 to $65,000 to cover the cost of the first year of college, ask questions…

Ask to see the list of NCAA APPROVED Core Courses… If they don’t have a strong special education program, consider another placement. If they do NOT have NCAA APPROVED special education Core Courses, find a high school that does.

Because of your son’s or daughter’s athletic abilities, many people will have opinions. They will criticize your school selection. They will question your motives. Ignore them.

They will NOT help you pay for college if your son or daughter is not eligible. Put your child in the best possible situation to excel athletically and meet increasingly stringent NCAA eligibility guidelines.


Andre Noble, Imhotep Boys Basketball Coach

Find a school that has taken the time, like IMHOTEP, to make sure that their special education classes were reviewed and approved by the NCAA.

albie-crosby-imhotepAlbie Crosby, Imhotep Football Coach

Give your child the best possible chance to earn a college scholarship… Everything else is bullshit… I’m just sayin’….

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