Introducing Ganar Academy

Written By: James Nelson Stewart “Suburban Guru”

Ganar is a Spanish word that mean to “WIN” and to “EARN”!!!

Ganar Academy the non-profit company is a new organization that was created from the inspiration of Gary “Fudd” Fields Jr. Ganar Academy comes with the mission statement of “We want to change your mind”, came about when Fields thought hard about his background. Fields stated that coming from the environments that we were not adapting to our neighborhoods led to circumstances that led to prison for many of our family and friends (including himself). While in prison, Fields decided that he wanted to change his life and the ways he thought about life in general. The thought process was changing the paths for the way we in the hoods by thinking and operating in a space that was different than reality. The premise of this thought process was finding ways to change the mentality of “OUR” thought process and redefining success while watching that success being achieved in real time. Fields really started this process with his 2 sons (Gary III and Milan) and their friends trying to show them a different way. But with time being sparse and being stretched too thin, he wanted to find an alternative and a more economical way to have the time for this mission. This is where the vision of Ganar Academy started to become a reality and a mission for Gary “Fudd” Fields.

Ganar Academy is a program that will be “education for the youth” with an obtained curriculum based on “relationship education”. Fields is a Certified Educator in the relationship education field. He stated that one major reason for obtaining certification in this Curriculum was the schools in our region were not forgiving to kids that came from the “hoods” of their school districts. Fields maintains that he learned how proper conduct comes from many years of research and life experiences. Ganar Academy will be initially seeking young men from all walks of life with the stated goal of helping those young men navigate through their emotions. Currently there are not enough female staffers to support having young females participate but that is in the immediate future. Entrepreneurship is another key facet in the learning curriculum at Ganar Academy. Fields has developed partnerships with local business entities to provide fellowship opportunities for the students to get hands on learning experiences from business owners. These opportunities will include field trips and college educational visits for the young men who want different options to pursue. Ganar Academy will also be in a Pilot program with some local school districts. The motto of “we are the solution of evolution” will be geared to curtail the violence and the misunderstanding of children and getting to the root of the issues causing the outburst.

Ganar Academy will also host an Athletic Sports Training division of the company. Right now the Sports division will consist of basketball and football. The basketball division currently has a partnership with the excellent Lewis Leonard Basketball Training, headed by retired professional basketball star and current professional trainer Lewis Leonard. Other trainers, including a couple trainers from O.T.T. Training will provide some assistance when called upon. The football and the gaming program will be headed by Marcus Herder & his staff. Fields stated that he was looking to add competitive AAU basketball program along with 7 on 7 football programs to the training soon to the current programs. Not on lost on Fields was adult resources that were needed in the communities such as access to Health Care, Government Assistance, Car Insurance and Homeowners (Renters) Insurance. Moving the academy forward with the adult interaction is always a welcomed resource.

Gary “Fudd” Fields will be hosting an Open House for the reveal of Ganar Academy on Thursday March 9th, at 7pm with the location being the Ambler Borough Hall (address: 131 Rosemary Avenue, Ambler, PA 19002). For more information about the services and possible opportunities, please contact Gary “Fudd” Fields on Instagram @ganar_academy_ or by phone at 215-470-2945

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