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  1. Great Job Delgreco! Interesting discussion and opinions. You seem to be embarking on something within this medium that will greatly assist kids navigating their way to their eventual college destination. I would like to see in future installments, the following.

    AAU owners round-table (WeR1, Philly Pride, Team Final, Jersey Shore Warriors, etc.)

    Alumni discussion to give the current crop of players the do’s and don’ts.

    Discussion on the role of Social Media to assist or potentially hurt scholarship opportunities

    Academic discussion related to NCAA requirements

    Local Sports Agents who represent basketball players Internationally/ D-League/ Pros

    Thinking outside of the box:

    Philly Area Basketball the movie

    Sponsorship of all day seminar to bring in the top college area coaches (D1,D2, D3) to discuss their programs and have all the area AAU teams in attendance.

    HBCU’s – compile a highlight reel to showcase area players to those low budgeted programs and build relationships

    Black Cager Prep Hall of Fame

    Develop an AP whereas you can get real time statistics and profiles for area players – nominal fee

    Sponsorship of season ending Allstar Game, Best of Philly vs S. Jersey vs Delaware

    Role Model Inc.

    Giving Back – Challenging these AAU Programs to utilize their Teams to give back to the communities from where they come from

    A lot of ideas but as you can tell, I am a supporter

    Tony Kinnel

    God Bless!



  2. This was excellent. I would like to hear about new talent in middle school if possible. This was one of the best podcast I heard. Thanks a lot.

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